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About legalmohan.com

The founder of this Website Mr.A.Mohan is a practicing Advocate before the High Court of Judicature at Madras. He has wide experience in civil and criminal law for the past 13 years. Though the aim of the founder was to become an academician, the burning fire in him to become an advocate was overwhelming and his penchant towards law made him to be conversant with the writings, speeches and the landmark judgments rendered by the renowned jurists and the former Supreme Court Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer in the field of human rights, constitutional law and other branches of law completely transformed his ambition to become an Advocate.Read More...

Criminal Law

Crime is a wanton “Act or Omission” forbidden by the law for time being in force. Since commission of every crime is considered to be against society, the state is the prosecutor. It is the duty of the state to bring the culprits to justice. However, the state in its act of persecution, commits illegality, metes out torture and harassment against the persons accused of having committed offences. Read More...

Labour Law

No production can be possible without these factors. Since the production is the basis for the economy of a country, it is just an necessary to ensure that the factors of production are in cordial relationship with each other.

The laws which ensure the cordial relationship among the factors of production are called / “Industrial Law” or Labour Laws. Of all the factors, labour plays a major role to ensure production. Though the other factors are often found in harmony with each other, the labour is always a persona non-grata to the others and as such the evolving legal measures to effect friendly relationship or to reduce frictions with other factors are just necessary. Read More...
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